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Stables, Aus DeFi Association, and NotCentralised Collaborate in a Game-Changing DeFi Alliance

We're delighted to share that Stables, a pioneering digital wallet for stablecoins, has partnered with the Australian DeFi Association as an official sponsor (thank you Erez Rachamim, CEO and founder as well as Bernie, Chief Product Officer and founder). This solidifies our commitment to expanding the adoption and comprehension of stablecoins and decentralised finance (DeFi) throughout Australia.

Established in 2021, Stables has consistently been at the forefront of the stablecoin revolution. Their mission to broaden stablecoin accessibility resonates deeply with the Aus DeFi Association's aim to propel the growth of the web3 & blockchain space in Australia and beyond. This collaboration, fortified by Stables' sponsorship, promises significant progress towards our collective ambition of a more equitable, decentralised financial landscape.

The excitement doesn't end here. We're also pleased to reveal that NotCentralised, a distinguished venture studio, is joining us in this unified endeavour. Leveraging its robust network and profound expertise in blockchain technology, NotCentralised is committed to championing Stables and its trailblazing initiatives in the stablecoin domain.

NotCentralised's participation underscores the importance of Stables' role within the future of finance, ensuring that Stables' inventive solutions reach more individuals, bringing the advantages of stablecoins to a broader audience.

This alliance marks a substantial milestone in the Australian DeFi landscape. By combining Stables' inventive solutions, the Aus DeFi Association's commitment to web3 technology advocacy, and NotCentralised's proficiency in blockchain technology, we are primed to propel the adoption of stablecoins and DeFi to unprecedented levels.

Learn more about Stables here in this talk from Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Stables, Bernardo Bilotta at our Aus DeFi meetup in May (jump to 31:56 if the link below does not do so already).

We're extremely enthusiastic about the opportunities this partnership presents to our community and the wider web3 ecosystem. Stay engaged for more updates as we commence this inspiring journey collectively.



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