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Meetups and Events

This is a list of the various Meetup and other online/in-person groups that are bringing together people working on blockchain activities or interested in blockchain/crypto/Web3.0/DeFi and more.

Blockchain Sydney

Blockchain Sydney - Blockchain Sydney is an independent group open for all people interested in blockchain technology, encompassing digital assets, tokenisation, smart contracts, application development, dApps (Decentralized Applications), supply chains, provenance, self-sovereign ID, cryptocurrencies and the whole shebang!

We host 2 meetups every month with industry experts and or Q&A panel discussions. All Blockchain Sydney events are free to attend with an RSVP.

Both technical and non-technical people are welcome at our events and newcomers are always encouraged to join in, learn and participate.

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Crypto Sydney - Intelligence Traded

Crypto Sydney - Intelligence Traded - Australia’s leading Crypto and Blockchain monthly event, with the largest community of traders, developers and entrepreneurs, doing open mic nights with global industry thought leaders talking all things DeFi, crypto and blockchain.

In a fast-moving space, we have you covered discussing the hottest topics, introducing you to the who's who, getting deep into it from trading, farming to the underlying tech. This is your ticket to always be ahead of the curve.

Crypto Sydney - Intelligence Traded.PNG

Blockchain Transformation

Blockchain Transformation - The global market for Blockchain Technology is projected to reach US$ 30.7 billion by the year 2027, trailing a post COVID-19 CAGR of 43% over the analysis period 2020 through 2027.

The technology is estimated to witness the highest level of spending over the coming years owing to its intriguing characteristics like redundancy, decentralization and transparency. These aspects are bound to push blockchain adoption across a diverse spectrum of domains, from financial services and healthcare to supply chains.

Blockchain Transformation.PNG

Blockchain Developers Sydney

Blockchain Developers Sydney - Welcome to Blockchain Developers Meetup Group - where technology meets professionals from various industries. This meetup group was originally named NextGenius Community. (check NextGenius services at

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DeFi Sydney

DeFi Sydney - DeFi (decentralised finance) draws inspiration from blockchain the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin which allows several entities to hold a copy of a history of transactions, meaning it isn’t controlled by a single, central source. That’s important because centralized systems and human gatekeepers can limit the speed and sophistication of transactions while offering users less direct control over their money. DeFi is distinct because it expands the use of blockchain from simple value transfer to more complex financial use cases.

DeFi Sydney.PNG

Sydney Blockchain Centre

Sydney Blockchain Centre -  Sydney Blockchain Centre was established in April 2018 by several core members of UCOT as well as some great communities. It is located on the 1st floor of 23 O'Connell St, just a 5-minute walk from the Wynard Station in Sydney.

Sydney Blockchain Centre was founded to promote the development of Australian blockchain industry and establish Australia's core position in the global blockchain sector. Now it has grown dramatically in influence on various social platforms. It brings together the most dynamic and cutting-edge blockchain industry experts and investors of the Southern Hemisphere and even the world.

Sydney Blockchain Centre.PNG

Blockchain Australia

Blockchain Australia - Blockchain Australia is the industry body that represents Australian businesses and business professionals participating in the digital economy through blockchain technology.

Blockchain Australia aims to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and governments across Australia as a means to drive innovation in service delivery across all sectors of the economy.

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Chainlink Australia

Chainlink Australia: Connected Smart Contracts - We're an inclusive community for developers interested in building secure smart contracts, we are blockchain/platform agnostic and work with many of the leading smart contract development teams building on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin and many other blockchains/smart contract networks.


NFT Sydney

NFT Sydney - NFT Sydney is an independent group open for all people interested in NFTs, including art, technology, issuance and management of digital assets, tokenisation, smart contracts, application development... the whole NFT shebang!

We will be hosting an average of two meetups per month with industry experts and/or panel discussions. All NFT Sydney events are free to attend with an RSVP.

We are an inclusive welcoming group. All people are welcome at our events and newcomers are always encouraged to join in, learn and participate.

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