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GPTs on Aus DeFi Meetups and Podcasts

Howdy folks, it's the end of the year so a recap of what's happened in our meetups and podcasts and other events is due. What better a way to do that than to have a way to explore it with GPT tools like the GPT assistants from ChatGPT.

Here's 2 that we built, 1 for our meetups and another for the community podcasts. If you have ChatGPT Premium you can try these out

Meetup Explorer

We published this earlier in the week and showcased things you could do like explore how the meetup conversations evolved over the year

We could also get some key highlights from guests

All based on the YouTube transcripts from the video recordings (so there may be some translation errors at times so bear with it).

Podcast Explorer

Another thing we can ask is about the quotes from the community show podcast. Here's some highlights.

  1. "Charity is the most selfish thing he does because he says look at me giving this away it doesn't make me feel good about myself. I'm incentivized by that. So the community for me is I like watching people be elevated with respect to the station in life that they thought and saw themselves having"​​.

  2. "With the benefit of hindsight we're all geniuses. The reality here is a lot of good people should be heard, but I don't think enough people take it upon themselves to do things consistent enough to make sure that they are covered"​​.

  3. "The reality is if you're not interesting enough, and even if you are, these algorithms are not made to share your story. There are a couple of billion people doing the same thing, so people need to be a little bit more confident in their own abilities"​​.

  4. "It's like this light bulb moment where was my life before generative AI. The efficiency gains that they've had, that we've had from using AI tools, you almost want to see people think about this kind of stuff. I just don't see it's happened as much, like the efficiency that you can get from having things written into smart contracts, from having tokenization of illiquid assets"​​.

  5. "A wise man is willing to change his thoughts and beliefs given new information. The circular economy and paying it forward, that's how we grow. We always want people that come into this space to the meetups, for example, to bring someone new in and just have that community kind of grow"​​.

  6. "Genuineness, authenticity, and open-mindedness, like being not afraid to be challenged, to have your something challenge, sometimes I post content of getting comments that challenge me and it changes you in a good way, like become more open-minded, you become more considerate"​​.

  7. "It reduces the degree of trust required and makes attack more expensive than defense, which is really important because that means that in the parts that matter we can slow down the ability to subvert the system by self-interested behavior if we design it right"​​.

  8. "We've been very deliberate, especially in the digital asset space, to do things methodically and with integrity, and that permeates all the way down to our infrastructure and separate water balances. Community is everything, I think for us it is literally our business"​​.

We can also ask about what some common themes were (no suprise to see community building being one of these)

Anyway, it's a little early Xmas present from us to you, so enjoy exploring!



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