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Discovering Blockchain Gaming with Seedify

Here's a look at a site called Seedify which is a blockchain gaming incubator (you can read more about here:

To participate, you need to hold the SFUND token which as of the time of writing, is trading well above its initial launch price in April this year.

Seedify's page lists a number of games that users can get involved in with a variety of upcoming pools and their launch dates. There are also tiered systems which provide more weight to those who move up the tiers (as well as guaranteed allocations - see here:

All of this leads towards the potential to participate in IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) which have become quite popular since the success of games like Axie Inifinity became mainstream news (as well as the fanfare around upcoming games like Illuvium). To see more about the play to earn ecosystem check out this article we published here: XXXXXX).


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