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Vader Protocol - A Force To Be Reckoned With

In this video review from The Defiant (as part of their unboxing series) they look at a new DeFi project that's an all-in-one protocol, Vader.

In this video they highlight the 3 key elements that Vader brings together including

  • Stablecoins

  • AMM (Automated Market Makers) and protection

  • Protocol Owned Liquidity (similar to Olympus Pro and its bond sales)

With regards to Stablecoins, Vader has its own native stablecoin, USDV. Since this is dollar pegged, it means that figuring out the costs of transactions will be easier than say, having to figure out what the dollar amount is of Gwei in Ethereum transactions.

Another feature they have here is part of the AMM it features where users are protected from impernanent loss. If this happens (where you end up withdrawing an amount lower than you deposited), the difference is paid back to you from the reserve pools which generate their profits from continued usage.

The protocol also has bond sales like Olympus DAO and when it comes to Synths, these are collateralised with 50% real crypto assets and 50% USDV, the stablecoin.

For those interested in staking, Vader token can be staked to get sVader and earn yield.

More info can be found here on their website


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