Getting Started in DeFi - Part 1

Updated: Jan 2

Where to read, watch and listen

Like with anything that you're beginning to learn, the road ahead can look daunting. Even for seasoned investment professionals like myself (and more so the group I work with), there is still a need to invest time and energy to get up to speed so as to understand something.

In the world of DeFi, it's quite unique because the rules and how the whole thing works is being written as we speak and yet there is also so much information to absorb. We realise that everyone learns differently and so we've prepared a list of different option for learning so whether you prefer to read, watch or listen, we will have you covered.

This is the first in a multi-part series that we will be running so as to help those who want to learn about this space more. At the end of this article you can see what we have planned.

In this first part we highlight some of the guides that we have used in terms of getting up to speed with our learning of what is going on in the space. You can start off here and just jump ahead into your learning by using these guides OR you can continue the journey with us as we break down the things you need to learn into bite size blocks.


The Defiant's Definitive Guide to DeFi - If you already have seen the videos, you'll know all about The Defiant and their great content. In this article they step through DeFi going from definitions, buying crypto, DeFi terms and concepts and more.

Finematics - Guide to Decentralised Finance - In this guide from the master of DeFi, Finematics breaks down things into 3 levels for those who are Novices, Apprentices and Masters. The great thing is that each guide is available as an article or video


Finematics - DeFi playlist - Finematics DeFi series going through the various elements of DeFi starting with the smart contracts that underpin the protocols being built on blockchain to yield farmin, liquidity pools and more. We have reviewed and summarised these videos as part of our educational series as well. You can also read the article above from Finematics where each topic in his DeFi guide has a video link as well.

Whiteboard Crypto - DeFi playlist - Is one of the best providers of DeFi education we've seen and we continue to use for our own learning too. In this playlist, they go through various terms used in the DeFi space and break them down with simple analogies and use cases. From Liquidity Mining to Rug Pulls, all is made easy to learn thanks to this creator.


This list of podcasts is not-exhaustive as there are so many great ones to listen to out there. The topics covered in these can seem to be diving into the deep end but they are useful in highlighting the latest thinking in this space. Combining the informtion you learn above with these podcasts can go a long way to amplifying your learning.

The Defiant - DeFi podcast - From the studios of Camila Russo (aka The Defiant) that we mentioned above comes their podcast full of interviews with experts in the DeFi industry. Whether its learning about play to earn gaming, NFTs, the latest in Ethereum improvements and more, this is certainly one to keep an ear out for.

Blockcrunch: Global Crypto Investors - Host Jackson Choi has been running this podcast since 2018 and it covers a whole lot of interesting areas whether you're an investor or someone just interested in what is happening with all the technology updates going on in DeFi.

The DeFi Download - Discussion of all things DeFi with Piers Ridyard from how things work, and interviews with experts in the industry. Worth a look especially as this runs weekly so there is a tonne of content.

The Full Series

Part 1 - Where to Read, Watch, Listen - This article

Part 2 - What is the blockchain and how does mining work?

Part 3 - What are smart contracts?

Part 4 - What is DeFi?

Part 5 - What is Yield Farming?

Part 6 - What are Liquidity Pools?

Part 7 - Risks and Impermanent Loss

Part 8 - Tools and data to analyse tokens/cryptos

Part 9 - How to avoid scams?

Part 10 - Protocol types

Part 11 - What's on the horizon - the metaverse, DeFi 2.0

Part 12 - What is a DAO?


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