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Further on P2E (play 2 earn) gaming

In this article, we highlight more details on the P2E (play 2 earn) space with this video from The Defiant.

We wrote about P2E here (A new way to game) and in this video, The Defiant goes through the evolution of gaming from being one sided in terms of earnings (the gaming company makes money) to the shared profit and reward system that P2E offers.

The different flavours are shown including Pat to Play to Earn (P2P2E) where you need money to get started (and scholarships are offered to help you get in without paying with those providing this funding known as sponsors) as well as a freemium type model of F2P2E (Free to Play to Earn).

The vidoe also goes through one of the main issues with centralised value creation in games which is that at any point in time, the central management of the game can make changes that negatively effect users (much like the traditional world of financial services).

The video highlights that there are some conflicting models around P2E gaming like Axie Infinity and whether its exploitative to users but its still early days and its not far from the world of eSports which has been growing more and more.

Finally, the video highlights guilds and the benefit they provide in building communities, providing assets and coaching and in return have proven to be quite a popular and profitable business model.

Still early days in this space but great to see the evolution of DeFi and gaming.


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Hello! Not so long ago I learned about P2E games, and the most amazing thing is that earnings are actually available with such projects. But a couple of days ago I ran into a problem that my character just stops at a certain level and does not move on. I can record a video of my screen using one of these recorders so you can see the problem and maybe help me solve it.

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