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Chain Reaction - Issue 34 - 29th June 2022

Welcome to this 33rd issue of the Chain Reaction newsletter published on the 29th June 2022.

What you can expect in this newsletter

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  • Community Projects

  • Community Views

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Editor's Note (from Captain DeFi)

Another big week for the markets with more news about the carnage that are these DeFi collapses. It does feel like there's been some reprieve over the last few days but given how connected many platforms are, I've no doubt that contagion will set in and we'll see some more negative headlines soon. Speaking of negative headlines, we continue to see more negative headlines and articles in the media but that's okay, most of the folks left in this space will continue to build as they did in cryto winter back in 2018.

In the news

No news from BetaShares this week so highlighting here a few articles we've seen that are interesting and been discussing in the Discord.

One of the articles was something we got to feature in on The Defiant and their story on thje struggles of Babel Finance. You can read that here: Mark (aka Capt DeFi) also put out a more detailed article on the above that you can access here:

Additionally, we highilght the blog from the crew at NotCentralised (all of whom are Aus DeFi members). Apart from the Maple Finance story mentioned above, we also highlight this article showing NotCentralised partners and various media appearances they've had

In the Discord chat we had folks talking about ZK proofs and this GitHub resource for those wanting to learn more

We also saw local big 4 bank, ANZ partner up to buy some tokenised carbon credits from local provider BetaCarbon -

Community Projects

A community project we want to highlight is a new podcast series we created which is all about projects (and called Only Projects). It is available on YouTube (here as well as Spotify. We'll spend time in this series digging into the ins and outs of projects, the service providers and those that work in that space and much more. Here's the Spotify version:

Community Views

This week we asked our community the following question:

"How long do you think this current crypto winter lasts?"

Here's some of the responses from our Discord

from FatherPaul:

I thought initially it might go like that last one, at least for 12-18 months more, but it looks like Quantitative Tightening is not going to last long, so probably at the end of this year we are going to see a reversal and next year going to be more active. But it is really just finger in the air
To be honest, I'd prefer later rather than sooner. It gives us more time to build and come back much stronger as well as to accummulate crypto for ppl with a high conviction in it. If the winter is too quick, we don't learn our lessons and don't improve enough to have a strong next cycle. But, the market will decide anyway.

from LakshmananP

Let this be a winter of learning. I would also add that let it not be a winter where everything withers. We as a community should ensure we support each other and build more meaningful, stronger and impactful solutions which solves real world problems and bring back some of the lost trust

from SimonA

There are two theories. 1. The 4 year cycle is still intact and crypto winter will last until 2024 with the Bitcoin Halvening. 2. Crypto markets are just following influence of macro environment and we are awaitng the Fed Reserve pivot (and all central banks) to become dovish again and restart quantative easing. 6 - 12 months.

and again from LakshmananP

the tightening might ease by the end of the year but whether this winter will possibly last till the end of the year or not will depend on other factors and recession fears too. Based on the forward breakeven, inflation will come down within two years so possibly the crypto winter might extend till next year. But then this is still guess based on the details we have in hand, we have to let it play out unfortunately. But our building and learning doesn’t stop and shouldn’t stop if we have to come out stronger from this.

You can see more in the Discord here -

Data as at 21s May 2022 - 9:50pm

Market Moves (from CoinGecko)

Another is this look from TokenTerminal on market cap of the various blockchains over the last 180 days - you can sign up for TokenTerminal and access this here:

What we've been watching/listening to

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If you would like to dig deeper into why and how is the blockchain relevant to international matters and to get more insights on regulations and Defi knowledge, join us on our Discord:


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